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 «  We love, because God first loved us »
(1 John 4, 19)

What is baptism?

Baptism is above all a gift from God offered to all humans.

It is celebrated during a service in the presence of God and the assembly, so that everyone can rejoice together, because a baptism is always a feast bb3b-136bad5cf58d_!


Baptism is a " I love you" from God manifested by  :


- a word : " I baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ",

- a gesture : water is poured over the head of the baptized person (to baptize comes from the Greek and means to dive).



    Why baptism?

The reasons for requesting a baptism can be very diverse : act of faith, family traditions, wish to transmit values...

But baptism, far from being a magical act,  above all brings us into the family of God (the Church) and establishes Christian life.


For Protestants, there are two sacraments : baptism and the Last Supper (the last meal of Jesus Christ). These are gestures and words that Christ asked us to do, and which signify the closeness of God to humans.


    Everywhere the same baptism?

Baptism celebrated by a Protestant Church

(Lutheran, Reformed or Anglican) is recognized

by other Christian Churches : Catholic and



From birth to adulthood, anyone can

receive baptism ! It is found under different

forms : the most common is baptism by sprinkling,

but baptism by immersion is also possible.


    How to prepare?

Baptism requires preparation, which is done with

the pastor, and in contact with the local church. This preparation

includes several interviews, during which

the meaning of baptism is explained, deepened.

It is therefore appropriate tocontact the pastorat least

three months before the planned date so that it can have



 And both of them will become one being"

(Book of Genesis, ch. 2, v 24)

Listening to this word, our parish wants to help couples get involved and build their lives on true love. Love is a unique bond that gives all its flavor to life. Committing as a couple to a common life journey is not as simple as it seems. But we believe that happiness will be  shared for those who rely  on Christ, the rock and the source of love.

The nuptial blessing constitutes an act of commitment between the spouses under the gaze of God. It attests that God seals the covenant of the couple as he makes a covenant with the Church and humanity. This  approach assumes an authentic commitment based on the convictions of the Christian faith. Marriage is not only a summit, but the start of a life rich in new flavors, enriched by the love of Christ, allowing us to see the other as a gift from God.

The role of the pastor is to accompany the future spouses in this journey that is both personal and experienced within the Church, with the support of biblical texts. The proposed preparation will take place over a period of at least 6 months.Contact him.

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