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À Guebwiller et environs

Églises membres de l'Entente des Églises chrétiennes de Guebwiller

WCC World Council of Churches:
- Welcome
- Ecumenical Prayer Calendar
WCC World Council of Churches:
- Welcome
- Ecumenical Prayer Calendar
WCC World Council of Churches:
- Welcome
- Ecumenical Prayer Calendar

Notre Église

UEPALUnion of Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine

Thann & Fellering see website

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L'Église Universelle

WCC World Council of Churches:
- Welcome
- Ecumenical Prayer Calendar

Useful websites for information, reading, nourishing your faith and thinking


ThéoTOP is not strictly speaking a website, but a page Present first on the Facebook social network.  The TheoTOP project wants to address young people as a priority by giving them access to multimedia resources dealing with spiritual issues: clips, interviews, thematic musical playlists. In the flexible architecture and the ramifications of the social network and these two platforms that are You Tube for videos and Spotify for music, ThéoTOP informs, presents, makes people listen, reflect by being present in the daily news feed. Young people can therefore nibble there in their wanderings by interposed screen. Leaders and pastors will undoubtedly find useful resources there to enrich group meetings of young people, or young adults, with revisited musical classics, or short instructive videos on the history of the Reformation, the life of the church or society themes.

This is a site that lives up to its name and its mission: to provide answers to all the questions that can be asked about faith, Jesus, the Bible, God. And answer them briefly, since the proposed answers fit in 15 or 20 lines. The names of the "respondents" appear on the site: they are pastors of the United Protestant Church of France adhering to the confessing movement of the Attestants. They therefore represent an evangelical current within the Lutheran-Reformed churches. The questions, like the answers, include many biblical references and mostly concern the spiritual life.


In-formation: Protestant Perspectives

Regards Protestants is the Protestant media portal, bringing together publications from various backgrounds providing a point of view on current events. A way to access other news, and another view of the news.



In recent years, online teaching modules, MOOCs (for Massive Online Open Course) have been developed. These modules are intended for a very wide audience, are generally participatory, and offer a discipline of reading and work, with some simple evaluation tools. Among the pioneers, mention should be made of the Faculty of Theology in Geneva, with a course on John Calvin, and the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, and its interesting biblical offer.


Campus Protestant

“A platform for reflection and dissemination of Protestant thought and culture”: this is the vocation of the Campus Protestant site. Pastor Antoine Nouis, collaborator of the Réforme newspaper, is at the origin of this project supported by the Eugène Bersier foundation, and which presents itself as a  "digital academy" of Protestantism. It is by means of videos in various formats that Campus Protestant wishes to open Protestant reflection to a wide audience. We will enter it by choosing a field (Bible, ethics, theology) or by choosing a format (teaching, conference, Sunday Gospel, etc.). The wide choice offered, and the simplicity of both presentation and content make it a place where you get a taste for stopping.


The Virtual Museum of Protestantism

Another achievement of the Eugène Bersier Foundation, this Virtual Museum is resolutely turned towards the history of Protestant Christians. Through notices including period illustrations, and longer routes presenting themselves as thematic readings followed, it calls for a demanding reading which will prove to be fascinating. There will still be access to online exhibitions. Searching by subject or by historical period then allows you to go straight to the article you are looking for, from Amish history in Alsace in the 18th century to contemporary exhibitions. An essential site to turn the pages of Protestant history.


The Louvre Oratory

In the current of liberal Protestantism, the Oratory of the Louvre is an institution. Through its website, this Parisian parish shines far beyond its walls. Beyond the parish information, which is present there, and audio or video sermons, the site offers various resources to read or hear: conferences on societal themes, files from the Oratory's Bulletin, collection of confessions of faith, and insights into a Protestant spirituality. In the same theological vein, we can go to the site of the Temple of the Star. Access to many links is given on both sites.


gospel and freedom

The site of the journal of liberal protestantism offers articles and files online. Most resources are available by subscription.


A fish in the net

Close to the Revue Réformée and the Faculty of Theology Jean Calvin, with an evangelical Reformed tendency, Le Poisson dans le net, aka "All For His Glory"  uploads a large number of thematic articles accessible via a word cloud.


Online course

They do not come from a Protestant media, but from CETAD, the Center for Distance Theological Education, linked to the Catholic Institute of Paris and the Conference of Bishops of France. Most courses are chargeable, but the site also offers reflections accessible without contribution, and in an attractive format.

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